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Работа в Moscow Consulting Group

The goal of the Moscow Consulting Group is to be a truly client-oriented management consulting firm that offers optimal value for clients engaged in strategic thinking

MCG utilizes a unique for Russia advanced business model that is based on a flexible approach to forming project teams – combining in-house consultants with carefully selected independent consultants and industry experts, which allows us to ensure high-quality results in a cost-effective way.

MCG works with SMEs and large corporations, as well as with funds and individual investors. MCG offers a wide range of professional business services – from strategic and operational projects to business functions outsourcing.

The history of the Moscow Consulting Group has proved the sustainability and high potential of our unorthodox business model. Over the years, we have always managed to tailor our projects to meet the high standards of top-notch consulting firms and to ensure valuable industry insights (through the usage of our network of industry experts).